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Experience When it Matters Most.

I have over 25+ years in the credit repair industry and own my own Credit Repair business since 2010.

I am thee 1st AND Original Pre-litigation outsourcing company.

Our office helps you set your files up for the violations that come with prelitigation credit repair.

Pre Litigation Outsourcing

While the paperless office seems to be a far-off goal, that just leaves plenty of room for the CRO market to grow.

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Why Outsourcing Is Important To Companies

As companies face the challenge of improving productivity and efficiency with ever-shrinking budgets, the need for outsourcing certain operations has grown. And ironically, although digital technologies become more important in business, the idea of a paperless office seems more distant than ever.

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Pre Litigation Outsourcing

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We Are Ready To Help You To Get A Solution.

We can help you set your files up for not only the most impacting deletions initially, but to exploit the violations that harm your clients… we use the laws that protect consumers from Creditors, Collectors and the Credit Bureaus!

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